Community Beyond Housing

Make It Right’s main goal in New Orleans is to rebuild 150 safe, sustainable and affordable homes. But we know that a neighborhood is not just homes. That’s why we work with the Lower 9th Ward community to bring playgrounds, gardens, sustainable streetscapes and more to the neighborhood.


Our eco-playground is constructed with sustainable materials and landscaped with native plants. Designed by Make It Right with playground equipment from Kompan and funded with a grant from the Kellogg Foundation, the playground is solar-powered and features digital, physically active games for children. Learn how you can help provide eco-playgrounds for children in need in Green Gifts.

Community Gardens

Make It Right and our homeowners have planted community gardens around the Lower 9th Ward. At the Martin Luther King Elementary School, we worked with groups to plant the largest community garden in the neighborhood. The students and neighbors plant vegetables to sell at the Sankofa Community Market. Want to support a community garden? Check out our Green Gifts here.

Streets Project

Make It Right poured a section of pervious concrete road in our neighborhood more than a year and a half ago to test the feasibility of using it on roads in our neighborhood. After holding up admirably to both regular traffic and the construction traffic in our neighborhood, the City of New Orleans is pouring its first ever pervious roads throughout the Make It Right neighborhood. Pervious roads allow water to filtrate through the concrete, reducing stress on the storm water management system and allowing groundwater to recharge as well as filtering pollutants from the water as it flows through the concrete.

Neighborhood Association

The Historical Lower 9th Ward Homeowner Association includes residents living in the Make It Right neighborhood. The group meets monthly to discuss community-based initiatives, including neighborhood beautification days, volunteer days, Katrina Anniversary events and the National Night Out Against Crime. One of the main missions of this group is to empower the community by neighbors helping neighbors.