Kansas City

In November 2013, Make It Right completed an ambitious  project in a transitional urban community in the heart of Kansas City. Our work in Kansas City’s Manheim Park neighborhood showcases innovative and sustainable community redevelopment strategies and cutting-edge design while providing affordable housing for 150 residents. See before and after photos here.

After a year of discussions with residents and community leaders in the blighted neighborhood, Make It Right committed to redevelop the site of the former Bancroft Elementary School. Built in 1904, the school functioned as a public elementary until 1999 and has remained vacant for the last 13 years.

Make It Right and our local partners converted the school into a housing and community complex, including 50 affordable rental units for youth transitioning out of foster care, veterans and low-income families. Half the housing units are located in the historic school building; the other half are new townhome structures built around the school and designed by Kansas City-based BNIM Architects, American Institute of Architects 2011 Firm of the Year.

The Bancroft School redevelopment also includes a community center featuring an auditorium, gymnasium, locker rooms, technology lab, job training center, medical clinic, grocery store and other retail space, along with community gardens, a playground, walking trail and police foot patrol office.

Access to these resources is available to all 30,000 residents of the neighborhood, resulting in a healthier, safer community. Make It Right hopes this redevelopment will catalyze additional reinvestment in the community.

Make It Right partnered with Dalmark Group and Neighborhood Housing Services to manage the facilities and rental units upon completion of construction.