Hurricane Season Preparation

Hurricane season in New Orleans runs from June 1 to mid-November. Before hurricane season begins, make sure your home and family are adequately prepared, including making sure your flood insurance coverage is adequate and up to date.

Twice-Yearly Maintenance

Here is a list of maintenance items we suggest performing on your Make It Right home twice-yearly: Roof – Inspect roof and identify anything that might cause leaks or problems. Gutters and Down Spouts – Inspect and clean gutters and down spouts Home Exterior – Inspect condition of siding, paint, masonry, sub-floor insulation and trim. […]

Monthly Home Maintenance

Here is a list of suggested maintenance items to perform on your Make It Right home monthly: Smoke Detectors – Push test button to test operation. If necessary, replace battery. Fire extinguishers – Check for proper charge and that extinguishers are located in the kitchen, garage and basement. Replace if necessary. Sinks and Drains – […]

Electrical System

What: Examine your home's electrical system

Why: To confirm system performs as intended

When: Twice yearly

Plumbing System

What: Inspect the plumbing system in your home

Why: To verify proper operation and intended usage

When: Twice yearly

Under your home

What: Inspect the space under your home

Why: To identify any leaks or problems

When: Twice yearly


What: Inspect and test appliances

Why: To ensure proper operation and longevity

When: As required

Wood Trim

What: Inspect the home's wood trim

Why: To preserve its appearance and longevity

When: Yearly

Cabinets and Countertops

What: Monitor and maintain cabinets and countertops

Why: To maintain their appearance, durability and intended usage

When: Twice yearly

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