Design FAQ – New Orleans

Can I submit a design to be built? How did you select architects for your projects? Why are your New Orleans houses at different places in relation to the front yard? How did you pick the location of where to build in New Orleans? How were the architects picked? Was there a masterplan done before […]

Construction FAQ

Can I replicate your construction techniques? What is your average timeline schedule for a house to be built? Does Make It Right act as a general contractor on its projects? Does Make It Right use volunteers? Can I volunteer with MAKE IT RIGHT? How much do your houses cost per square foot? How do you […]

Solar FAQ

What types of panels does Make It Right Solar use? Do you have a preference? How do you attach your panels to the roof? Are your installers in-house at Make It Right? What installers have you used in Louisiana? Do you do projects other than MIR or outside of Louisiana? Do you do individual houses? […]