Guidelines – New Orleans

Before building in New Orleans’, Make It Right, GRAFT Architects and William McDonough drafted design guidelines to advise the architects’ design process. These guidelines addressed safety, affordability and sustainability as well as lot size, typography and other factors specific to New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward.


Make It Right believes design has the power to improve the quality of affordable housing and bring dignity to people’s lives. Design also plays a key role in creating vibrant, sustainable communities. We work with renowned architects from around the world to create beautiful, healthy homes. Our architects volunteer their time and their designs and […]

Design FAQ – New Orleans

Can I submit a design to be built? How did you select architects for your projects? Why are your New Orleans houses at different places in relation to the front yard? How did you pick the location of where to build in New Orleans? How were the architects picked? Was there a masterplan done before […]