Here is a list of suggested maintenance items to perform on your Make It Right home monthly:

  • Smoke Detectors – Push test button to test operation. If necessary, replace battery.
  • Fire extinguishers – Check for proper charge and that extinguishers are located in the kitchen, garage and basement. Replace if necessary.
  • Sinks and Drains – Clean garbage disposal blades by grinding ice cubes or citrus fruit rinds. Freshen drains by flushing with hot water and baking soda.
  • Range Hood – Clean or replace dirty filters.
  • Leaks – Check for evidence of leaks around toilets, under sinks and around dishwasher.
  • Filters – Inspect furnace and air-conditioning filters, humidifier and electronic air cleaners. Replace as required.
  • Faucets – Clean water filters, softeners and aerators on faucets regularly, depending on water hardness. You may need to use a rust or scale remover on aerators or have them replaced. The life of filters depend on water usage and characteristics.
  • Floors – Monitor and maintain floor coverings as needed. Repair tears and remove stains ASAP. Vacuum regularly to reduce wear on carpets and other floor coverings.
  • Drainage, Grading and Landscape – Perform maintenance to these items as required throughout the year.