Quick Definition

Interior finishes include building materials like paint, flooring (hardwood, carpet, tile, concrete), countertops and cabinets. Most adhesives, sealants, paint strippers and laquers, carpets and carpet backing, cabinets and even furnishings contain Volatile Organic CompoundsGases that evaporate from building materials and home products, such as adhesives, sealants, paints, varnishes, carpet, furnishings, office equipment and upholstery. Can cause acute and chronic illnesses and lead to poor indoor air quality. (Yudelson) (VOCs) that Off-GasThe evaporation or emission of volatile chemicals at ambient atmostpheric pressure. Building materials such as paints, stains, sealants, varnishes, carpet, insulation, flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertops, plywood, particleboard and paint strippers can release chemicals into the air causing poor indoor air quality. (Yudelson) inside the home, contaminating the indoor-air quality and posing health risks to homeowners.


In Depth

Make It Right uses the following products to reduce the level of exposure to VOCs.

Paint: Benjamin Moore’s Natura interior paint is used in all Make It Right’s homes. The paint is contains no VOCs and is virtually odorless. We use Benjamin Moore Aura paint on the exterior of our homes and buildings.

Floors: Make It Right uses Shaw’s Epic Engineered Hardwood floors. Epic Hardwood is a Cradle to Cradle certified product. It uses approximately 50% less newly harvested wood than conventional 3/8" engineered flooring, because it's made with EnviroCore™, Shaw's high-density core board made from recycled post-industrial wood fiber. For homeowners who prefer carpet, Make It Right uses Shaw’s Cradle to Cradle certified carpets, which are made from non-toxic materials and can be recycled into new carpet at the end of their use in a home.

Countertops: Make It Right uses Eco by Cosentino countertops. Eco by Cosentino countertops are made of 75% recycled content composed of post-industrial or post-consumer glass and is bound by an environmentally friendly resin which comes in part from corn oil. These durable countertops are Cradle to Cradle certified.

Cabinets: Make It Right uses Legacy Cabinets in our homes and buildings. These cabinets do not contain FormaldehydeA chemical found in nature that has cancer-causing properties. (as many cabinets do) and come with the Environmental Stewardship Program seal of approval.

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