Quick Definition

What: Monitor and maintain cabinets and countertops

Why: To maintain their appearance, durability and intended usage

When: Twice yearly

In Depth


Cabinets - Inspect the hardware. Adjust, tighten or lubricate knobs, hinges, latches, rollers and drawer glides. Refresh varnished wood cabinets with a good quality furniture polish once every three months. Scratches can be filled with a matching touch-up crayon available at most hardware stores. Wood cabinets should be cleaned and waxed just like fine furniture.

Countertops - Inspect any caulking joints and ensure they are in good condition and well-adhered to both sides of the joint - water can cause underlying wood material to sweet when wetted. Clean joint and re-caulk with matching material as necessary. Avoid placing hot items such as pots, pans, cigarettes or irons directly on the countertop. Never cut directly on your countertops; always use a cutting board.

Clean with a mild, non-abrasive soap and a damp sponge or cloth. For stains that harden as they dry, such as food or gum, gently scrape them off of the counter and then clean with warm water and soap. Do not expose your countertop to harsh chemicals, as it will damage the surface.

Warranty Information: Eco by Cosentino countertops have a Limited Warranty.

Life Cycle: With proper care, your countertops will last for a generation.