Quick Definition

A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown superior results and that is used as a benchmark.

In Depth

Best practices in construction relate to scheduling, quality control, material procurement, designs and details. By standardizing these fields, we can improve material scheduling and quality control, enforce construction timelines and efficiently replicate processes.

Scheduling is a critical factor in cost control. Construction involves multiple trades working sequentially; when material procurement and scheduling is not efficient, overhead costs go up. When material procurement is not timed correctly within a construction schedule, materials may have to be shipped more quickly at a much higher cost. Standardizing timelines, construction methods and installation techniques keeps bid estimates and labor costs low.

Our Application

Scheduling: Make It Right uses Microsoft Project to manage our construction schedules. Digital scheduling has allowed us to track proposed scheduling against actual construction timelines and access areas that need improvement. To see an example of our scheduling click here.

Quality Control Assurances: Make It Right works closely with its general contractors, architects, engineers and subcontractors to assure our quality standards are met. We currently are working on a Contractor’s Manual that outlines our quality control assurance practices. The Contractor’s Manual will be available on this page soon.

Material Procurement:  Make It Right purchases and schedules our own materials, reducing the general contractor’s markup and administrative costs on materials.

Standardized Designs and Details: Make It Right works closely with architects, engineers and consultants to standardize designs and installation techniques. Because we experiment with many construction methodologies and unpredictable material costs, standardization takes longer to establish within our projects. Currently we are transforming all the designs we currently build into Revit baseline construction documents. This will speed up the turnaround time from homeowner selection of a design to the start of construction.