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  • UNICO Small Duct High Velocity Systems
    Posted by Jerry Henrich | 4 replies |  Last reply about 6 years and 2 months ago by Jerry Henrich

    Using a lower volume of air flow offers better comfort as there are no drafts or noticeable air movement.  Unico small duct systems use approximately half the volume (CFM) of air when compared to large ducted systems.

    Duct efficiency focuses on delivered BTU’s which means that more of the cooling and heating is delivered to the living space rather than being lost in the attic area or soffits.  A properly installed Unico small duct system will have less duct leakage than large ducted systems.  Duct system leakage has been measured as low as 3 per cent.

    Size of the duct systems is extremely favorable to architects and builders.  This is reflected in the faster installation time and the space required for the systems.  A 2 ½  ton, 30,000 btu system uses a 7 inch round main duct plenum and a 4 or 5 ton system uses only a 10 inch round main duct plenum.  This smaller main duct allows installation through TGI floor joists if needed.  Small 2 inch flexible branch ducts deliver the air from the main plenum to the living space to small 2 inch circular outlets.  These outlets work equally well installed in the ceilings, walls or floors.  The outlets are available in various trim options.

    Comfort is paramount and this system can keep a home within 2 degrees – floor to ceiling; room to room; 1st floor to 2nd or even 3rd floor.  This is accomplished by aspiration of the air versus dispersion of the air from large registers.  Additional comfort is noticed by the homeowner with the additional 30% moisture removal compared to the large ducted systems.  Often the homeowner can  raise their thermostat setting and feel the same comfort as one may be more comfortable at a dry 78 degrees than a more humid 75 degrees.

  • Jerry – today someone asked me what type of air filters do you recommend for the high velocity systems. Can you comment on that?

    Anonymous posted on October 12, 2012
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  • First and foremost, the filters supplied by equipment manufacturers are essentially to protect the equipment. If there are any health issues, i.e.. asthma, a higher efficiency filter will be needed. This can be accomplished with MIRV 11 or MIRV 14 filters or possibly larger media filters. Pleated filters may be more effective for dust control, but remember that the air needs to pass thru the filter. Dust can settle on counter tops before it is drawn thru the filter.

    Jerry Henrich posted on October 12, 2012
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  • Is the Unico System good at dehumidification?

    Ben Millar posted on October 12, 2012
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    • The Unico system will outperform all standard air conditioning systems in moisture removal by 30%.  This moisture removal is an inherent design characteristic of small duct systems due to the lower volume of air and the thicker evaporator coil.  Standard systems normally use  3 rows of copper in the evaporator coils compared to the 6 rows in the Unico coils.  This results in a 26 to 30 degree temperature drop over the coil for a Unico system compared to an 18 to 20 degree drop over a standard air conditioning coil.    This additional drop results in that additional 30% moisture removal.

      Jerry Henrich posted on October 12, 2012
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