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  •  Martin
    Training For Routine Maintenance?
    Posted by Martin | 1 reply |  Last reply about 6 years and 1 month ago by Pierre Moses

    Hi, is there maintenance and upkeep for a solar array? If so do you train homeowners on how to perform basic maintenance?

  • A well-installed solar PV system without batteries will require minimal maintenance, if any at all. In climates like New Orleans, there is more than enough annual rainfall to negate the need for annual washing or cleaning of the panels themselves. In dry climates, the panels can lose efficiencies through dust collection and soiling on the face of the modules, so annual cleanings are recommended. In wooded areas, modules can be affected by various forms of debris, but this is not a regular concern with most urban installations. Routine maintenance should include inspections of various connection points, and this should be performed by a solar installer. Homeowners should stay engaged with their energy monitoring, either through an online platform, or manually by reading the screen on the inverter. Inconsistencies should be addresses to avoid problems down the road. Also, inverters have warranties spanning from 10 years to 25 years. Modules have warranties extending no les than 25 years. The solar industry has very strong warranty standards for these two components as they are the most costly to replace.

    Pierre Moses posted on November 9, 2012
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