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    Posted by Jordan Pollard | 0 replies |  Last reply about 5 years and 1 month ago by Jordan Pollard

    in the past, we have used non-vinyl and non-petroleum based roofing membranes for all flat roofing applications. In the past year, we have started to move away from all roofing membranes used for flat roofing. In our experience, we are finding that the level of skill needed for correct installation is difficult to find in the residential field. Commercial roofers are not interested in dealing with smaller roofs, and the amount of penetrations needed in smaller roof types like our flat roof designs cause too many headaches for the benefit they provide. We are currently phasing out all flat roofs and all roofing membranes in our designs in lieu of pitched metal roofing.

    What is your experience with flat roofs and roof membranes?

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