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    A good friend and former colleague who works for Onion Flats has been working on a really cool project. They’re building housing for Pennsylvania’s homeless population. The buildings are constructed from Modular components assembled on site. Here is a blurb on the project:

    Belfield Townhomes is Onion Flats’ “first” in many ways: it’s our first (as well as Pennsylvania’s) Certified Passive House building; it’s our first MODULAR building, built by our company BLOX, and the first test of our “Sustainable Building System”; and it’s our first subsidized housing project, with a fixed budget, funded by HUD with no “premium” built into it for PH. The project consists of three “row” style, 1920 sf, three story, 4-5 bedroom townhomes and is co-developed by Onion Flats and Raise of Hope, a local Community Development Corporation. The homes are required to be occupied by currently or formerly homeless families which have between 4 and 10 members in the family.

    You can read more about the project and see more photos here: Belfield Homes

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