Pilot Streets Project

When it rains in our neighborhood in the Lower 9th Ward, streets can quickly flood in less than an hour when the rain is heavy. It’s dangerous to drive in, hard on the roads and erodes the ground, among other negative effects.

Make It Right poured a section of pervious concrete road in our neighborhood more than a year and a half ago to test the feasibility of using pervious concrete on roads in our neighborhood. After holding up admirably to both regular traffic and the construction traffic in our neighborhood, the City of New Orleans is pouring its first ever pervious roads throughout the Make It Right neighborhood.

Pervious roads allow water to filtrate through the concrete, reducing stress on the storm water management system and allowing groundwater to recharge as well as filtering pollutants from the water as it flows through the concrete. Best of all, the pervious concrete roads will reduce flooding during storms, making our neighborhood safer for the families and residents that live here.

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