A Message to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Make It Right is closely monitoring the effects of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected, especially those in areas hardest hit by the storm.

While we are not first responders who care for the immediate needs of those impacted by natural disaster, Make It Right will offer support to our partners and local leaders. By engaging communities, sharing best practices and lessons learned from our experience building resilient homes in New Orleans, we can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy rebuild safe, sustainable homes and neighborhoods.

We know that the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster is overwhelming; but we also know that by working together communities can come home and thrive again.

(photo: NBC News)

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Make It Right’s best practices will be practiced by many in the years to come. Keep on keeping on!

  2. Im writing this to ask for much needed help I’m sure you are aware of the devastion caused by Hurricane Sandy whether we lost our homes completely or a lot of damage to our homes. I get not one person is more important then another we all lost but I would like to ask for help for my neighbor who’s house had 5 ft of water and she has a disabled husband and son I feel it necessary to get them back in their house ASAP. Make it right has helped a lot of families in New Orleans if you can reach out and help us we would greatly appreciate that.please we live in Seaford long island and need help

  3. So how will we, who need to rebuild, know who your “partners and local leaders” who are working with you are? My home is destroyed in Rockaway Park, NY. If a rebuild does occur, I want the house to be hurricane proof.

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  5. It was my dream to purchase a home in Long Beach, Long Island, NY, but then Sandy hit. Everyday I go on real estate sites to look at different properties. Last night I decided to purchase a damaged home and tear it down. After doing some research today, I remembered the wonderful work being done in NO after Katrina, hence I’m on this site. Like Gina Marie and Bonnie below, it would be helpful if you could list some dependable/reliable architects, builders, contractors, etc. that build green/energy efficient homes. My family thinks I’m crazy, but I’m moving foward w/my plan and would like to build the best home possible. Any guidance you could provide in the future (i.e. posting a SANDY link on your home page) would be most helpful.

  6. Consider building in West End neighborhood of LongBeach, NY. Old style bungalows need to be rebuilt “right”! My advanced senior citizen mother does not have fed flood or homeowner flood ins (nor do her senior neighbors). They are getting Fema. your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.