Running Playlists

Just a little more than a month until our Make It Right team runs the Crescent City Classic! If you haven’t joined our team yet, we still have spots available. Sign up today and run or walk with us!

Today our staff running team is giving you our playlists – the songs (and books in one case) that get us off the couch and into our sneakers. Whether you roll with Kanye, Taylor Swift or Tina Fey, we’ve got you covered.

Cesar Rodriguez
If you’ve read my previous blogs, it should come as no surprise that my playlist is random and bilingual. Yes, there are some questionable choices here but this is a judgment free zone. So keep an open mind  – and I hope this helps your run!


James Mazzuto
From the guy who brought you books as a path to running, comes a podcast playlist. With podcasts, I get to exercise and learn something at the same time. Each podcast is about an hour long – perfect for a five mile run at my pace. Hit play, start running – when the podcast is over, stop.

Here’s my playlist:

  1. Serial – I’m obsessed.  Did he do it?  Didn’t he?  Listen and decide for yourself.
  2. Invisibilia – A look at the inner workings of human minds and behavior.
  3. Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me – Funny and they always have great guests.
  4. The Economist: Money Talks – I get my weekly briefing on what is going on in the world markets.
  5. And sometimes I listen to books.  The last one I listened to was Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. Hilarious!


Taylor Royle
I cannot run without a good playlist. I don’t do the whole pacing thing (matching the tempo of the song to your running pace) – I just pick songs that make me want to move. And I’ve been known to dance-run…a lot. Whatever gets you through the miles, right?

At the end of this playlist, I added some cool-down songs. I always stop running about a mile from home and walk back – a good way to unwind and stretch your muscles.

NOTE: We made our playlists on Spotify, but some of my top running tracks aren’t on Spotify (hang tough, T-Swift). You can find those here:

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
All Day – Girl Talk (this entire album makes an excellent running playlist! Bonus: also great for parties.)




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