James’ Training and Gear Tips

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Today on the blog: our team captain James Mazzuto and his running buddies Cesar and Taylor are sharing tips for training and gear.


James Mazzuto

I started running about 2 1/2 years ago. Cesar and I made a pact one day after work that we would run a half-marathon within the next six months. I was not by any means a runner and an absolute beginner. So to get started, I purchased two books on running and highly recommend both.


1977 - a good year for running shorts.

1977: a good year for running shorts.

The first book I read was James Fixx’s The Complete Book of Running. The book was published in 1977 – I purchased my copy for $0.99 + shipping on Amazon and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Fixx studies running, its physical and mental benefits and how to get started. It’s totally old school but, then again, so is running. Do yourself a favor, get a copy and give it to your kids when they get older because it’s never going out of style.


I always thought that I couldn’t run because I wasn’t built for it.


The second book I read was Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. McDougall travels around finding the worlds greatest runners. He has some interesting (read: controversial) things to say about modern running shoes but overall the book is very informative and entertaining. Reading about how the human body was built for running was inspiring, as I always thought that I couldn’t run because I wasn’t built for it.


Last tip: watch what you eat. I love a slice of king cake just as much as the next person but your body needs fruits and vegetables to power itself. I’m not saying to go with any extreme diet but bringing in a piece of fruit for an afternoon snack rather than hitting the vending machine will go further than you think.

James’ Gear

Errr, where are your running shorts, Mazzuto?

Errr, where are your running shorts, Mazzuto?


  • Running shoes – as you can see from the picture, mine are getting close to replacement.  A good set of running shoes is an investment in your happiness.
  • Cell phone – I bring the phone in case of emergencies or if I see something cool that I want to post to twitter (@MIRSolar). It’s good for music but I only listen to music about half the time.  There are a bunch of free apps that will track your runs, motivate you and let you play with helicopters (that last one is not so running specific).
  • Credit Card – Whether you’re cold, thirsty, hungry or tired, you can get most what you want with a credit card.
  • ID – Because the best reward for a long, hot summer run is a cold beer.  Bring your ID.



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