Cesar’s Training and Gear Tips

Hi, runners! We’re really excited about running the Crescent City Classic with you. If you haven’t signed up yet, please click here to get all the info.

Today on the blog: our team captain James Mazzuto and his running buddies Cesar and Taylor are sharing tips for training and gear.

Cesar Rodriguez

Hola runners! Thank you so much for signing up and being part of our Crescent City Classic team!

Remember every step you take, every mile you run on April 4th will help us continue our work in communities across our great country.

Now I didn’t really start running until my 30’s and I learned the hard way how important proper training and the right gear can be. So to help you avoid some of my mistakes, I’ve have a few tips to share and some gear to recommend.

Just the tips:

1. Avoid running warrior syndrome! Yes, I am sure that in your teens and early 20’s you could run a mile as fast as Flash, heck maybe even do a whole 5K without training. Try that now and one of two things will happen, you’ll injure yourself or lose faith when you don’t reach your goals. So take it slow set short term goals in distance and time, build a great foundation to keep you running long after CCC. Taylor recommended an app that helped me a lot: Couch to 5K, easy to use with a great training schedule.

2. Get into a routine. Especially during the first few weeks, it will help your body and mind adjust. I am an after-work runner – it helps me unwind and reenergize for the next day. If you’re an early bird, take advantage of the cool mornings in this swamp we call home; the energy after the run will get you through the day.

Whatever it takes to drown out the little voices telling me to just go back to my couch.

3. Tune out the voices (with something other than medication). The first mile is always the hardest for me so I usually sing along to whatever song my iPod is playing. I sing out-loud, whatever it takes to drown out the little voices telling me to just go back to my couch. Try it! Yes people will think you’re crazy, but they already do because your outside running.

4. Stretch specially after your runs. Do I really need to explain this? Don’t be lazy – STRETCH! You’ll be surprise where else it comes in handy 😉

5. REST because even God took a day off!

Cesar’s Gear


  • To a runner there is nothing more important than shoes so make the investment. Shoes will help with a variety of things most importantly avoiding injury. I run in Brooks Glycerine 11 but your local running store should test you and recommend the right shoe for you.
  • You know what they say “a watch makes a man” the same is also true for runners. I LOVE my Garmin Forerunner 31 it tracks my time and pace, the gps records my route and its comes with a heart monitor. And as if that wasn’t enough it wirelessly transfers all the info to the Cloud so I can track my progress while I’m training.
  • I don’t like running with things in my hands so my Nathan water-belt is great for holding my keys, I.D., energy credit card and of course my water bottles.Hopefully this info will come in handy as you start to accumulate the miles. As Waylon once told Willie “if you see me getting smaller…..[you’re not running fast enough]”.
    I could be paragraphing 😉


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