Meet Jeff Adrien

What’s better than playing power forward for the Pelicans? How about being as aggressive and passionate about the helping people in need as you are about scoring inside?

Meet Jeff Adrien – or as we like to call him, “New Orleans’ Tallest Philanthropist.” At 6′-7″, Jeff is known for his relentless playing style, a trait that got him signed to the New Orleans Pelicans 2015 squad and earned him the nickname “The Reason.”

jeff adrien

We met Jeff when, out of the blue, he contacted us saying he wanted to make a gift to Make It Right and help families in need. We asked him if he would chat with us about what made New Orleans, and Make it Right, a focus of his charitable giving.

Welcome to New Orleans! What do you think of the city so far?

Jeff: My first impression of the city is that it has so much culture and history. It’s a feeling that not many other cities can offer.

And I feel I can help build it back up to what it was – and make it even better than it was before the storm. But it’s going to take everyone to coming together and believing that the city can grow and reach its potential.

We love that you, and other athletes like Drew Brees, are so generous in supporting the local community. Why do you think giving back is important?

Jeff: I understand that everything in this life happens for a reason. I understand that what’s going on in New Orleans is bigger than sports.

I just want to be able to help the city grow. I want people to understand that what I’m doing is bigger than basketball. I love riding around on my Skywalker and talking with people here. The city is so much more than what people read about and what they see on TV.

Your gift will help Make It Right build safe, solar-powered homes for people in need. What does ‘home’ mean to you?

Jeff: Everyone needs a place to feel safe and call home. They should be able to relax and get away from the world.

Thank you, Jeff, for talking with us and for your generous gift!

There’s a lot to love about Jeff Adrien: his competitive attitude, his commitment to New Orleans and the fact that he rides a SkyWalker!

Not many of us get a chance to play in the NBA, but we can all show love and support for our community the way that Jeff has. If you’re inspired by Jeff’s story and would like to make a donation to help families in need of housing, please click here.

And remember to cheer on Jeff and Pelicans in their first home game on October 31 against Golden State – In Reason We Trust!

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