Lower 9th Ward Life

A lot of people are curious about daily life in the Lower 9th Ward today, ten years after Katrina. We compiled this photo album of our homeowners to give you a glimpse inside this vibrant community.

Lower 9th Ward Life

We built our first home in the Lower 9th Ward three years after Hurricane Katrina, in response to the slow recovery of this historic neighborhood. We’re very proud of our work – and the hundreds of brave, relentless families who, after losing everything in the storm, have come home to rebuild.

But the Lower 9th Ward is far from recovered – and still needs your help. Please give what you can today to support our on-going work.

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August 29, 2015 marks ten years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, killing 1,833 people and destroying 5,363 homes in the Lower 9th Ward alone.

As eyes around the world turn to New Orleans to reflect on what was lost and discover the city’s remarkable progress, we will be out front sharing our story and celebrating the rebirth of a vital and vibrant community.

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