Melissa’s story

Last year we asked for your support to build homes on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
in Montana.
 November is Native American Heritage Month – and we’re so proud to be a part
of a new chapter in Fort Peck.

As you gather with your loved ones for Thanksgiving, please take a moment to meet one
very special family.

I have two children that I am in the process of adopting — my son Aiden and daughter Zoey. They are both seven years old. They are inseparable and they mean the world to me.

The children have been with me for five years now. In those five years, we moved five times. On the reservation where we live, the rent kept going up while the homes we could afford became more cramped and in worse condition.

This year, with Aiden and Zoey sharing a tiny room with no space to play, I applied for one of 20 new Make It Right homes on the reservation. I watched as local workers laid foundations and assembled the homes. I waited to hear if my family would be one of the lucky ones to live there.


Then the call came — we were accepted!

This is a new beginning for my family. I feel blessed to have these two children in my life – and I’m so excited to have a better quality of life for them. Like me, the children are so grateful for this beautiful home — and their own bedrooms!

Zoey, Aiden and I moved into our new home the first week in November – and it has changed us in big and small ways. We now live much closer to my parents and extended family.

We also have a dishwasher! This is great for me because dishes are my least favorite chore. The children are in a new school and a safer neighborhood.


Our utility bills used to be $160 a month or more. In our new solar-powered home, we will pay less than half of our old bill, even in the harsh Montana winter, even in a much bigger house. I am using the savings to do more activities with Zoey and Aiden on the weekends.

I work hard and I will take care of this home. And not take for granted what my family has been blessed with. Thank you so much.

– Melissa, a new Make It Right homeowner on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana

Make It Right is grateful for all you’ve made possible for Melissa, Aiden, Zoey and 20 families in Fort Peck.

Thank you so much for supporting our work –
and have a happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Awesome and heart felt story. Happy for you and your kids. Good housing program results in healthier communities. Congratulations for your new house. Good luck!