Six New Home Designs for Kansas City

Make It Right is proud to announce an expansion of our work in Kansas City, Missouri with the release of six new single-family home designs by local architects.

In 2013, we opened an affordable housing and community complex for young people transitioning out of foster care, seniors and families in need in Kansas City’s Manheim Park, an underserved urban neighborhood.

This year we are continuing our work in Manheim Park by building single-family homes on vacant lots directly across from the Bancroft Apartments.

“Block by block, we believe that Manheim Park can become the most vibrant, desirable neighborhood in Kansas City,” says Tim Duggan, Make It Right Innovations Director and Kansas City-native.

The following home designs were developed by local architecture firms in collaboration with the Manheim Park Neighborhood Association and homeowners in the community. Click on the renderings below for an expanded view.

El Dorado Inc

Open El Dorado design docs / floorplans in PDF


Make It Right and the communities they serve demand authentic architecture that responds to both people and place. It is a deep professional and civic honor to be working with them in Manheim Park, one of Kansas City’s hidden neighborhood gems. – David Dowell


Open BNIM design docs / floorplans in PDF


This project is urban acupuncture and it redefines urban redevelopment. As residents soon claim their new homes the legacy will become the development of human capital by design. – Bob Berkebile

Hufft Projects

Open Hufft Projects design docs / floorplans in PDF


It was only through working hand in hand with the Manheim Park community that we were able to achieve our collective goal of providing a home design that will not only add to the rich historic fabric of the neighborhood, but will provide a truly sustainable and engaging home for future generations. – Matthew Hufft


Open DRAW design docs / floorplans in PDF


These houses will not only strengthen this community and improve the quality of life for the families who inhabit them, they will pave the road forward for a new model of housing  – where homes are designed to adapt to varying family configurations, to cost less to operate and maintain, and to optimize the resources – sun, wind, rain and trees – that come free of cost.  – Dominique Davison

KEM Studio

Open KEM Studio design docs / floorplans in PDF


The Manheim House is a modern interpretation of an airplane bungalow defined by a simple roofline that appropriately distinguishes the home within the neighborhood. – Brad Satterwhite

Pendulum Studio

Open Pendulum design docs / floorplans in PDF


Distend: to stretch, or extrude. The gesture of stretching oneself to embrace the community in which they live should be expressed through the built environment. This design merges interior and exterior surroundings of the neighborhood by accentuating the linear character of an urban site. The strong canopy structure embodies the front porch to affirm its comfort with the revitalization of the Manheim community made possible by the efforts of Make It Right. – Devan Case

Make It Right’s work in Kansas City is supported by the Dreiseszun Foundation and donors around the country. You can support this project by donating here.



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  1. I love these concepts!
    Are blue prints, plans and specifications for these homes available for purchase? Also, is there an approved set of plans available?
    Please advise.
    Thank you, Charla

  2. Nice designs. Check out the tiny house movement in Portland, Oregon and Pacific Yurts from Cottage Grove, Oregon. Portland,has many tiny, green, alt spaces for living…sustainable, affordable and “hip” for everyone…not just the downtrodden.

  3. The concepts are great. Are the drawings/plans/ blue prints available for the soon to retire, who would soon need a home of her own.

  4. I have no idea of structural design. But naive as I am…. does it really make sense to built wood houses in hurricane regions? I’m from Europe and… we always ask ourselves… why do they built their houses with wood?

  5. Hi, does anyone know the status on the progress of these houses? When you drive by where they are supposed to be built, there are existing houses and vacant lots. I would be interested in learning more about the application process. Thanks.