Cesar’s Top 10 Dwell on Design Finds

Hola, I just flew back from Los Angeles where I was attending Dwell on Design. I had a great time at the country’s biggest modern design conference, learned so much about design trends and found some really innovative products.

I was there to support our design team and architectural partners as they unveiled the five new home designs for our project on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Read more about that here – but only after you read this!

After three days of viewing thousands of new designs, here’s my TOP 10 Dwell List!

#1 Clei Living Systems – If you find yourself short on square feet and need stylish furniture that can serve a dual purpose, these are your guys! From wall beds to sofa beds to wall system that hide tables, they are leading the way in “versatile and multifunctional furnishing solutions.” What attracted me was how easy the pieces are to use.

# 2 Haiku by Big Ass Fans – Do I have to count the ways? ENERGY STAR rated, FSC certified, comes in a variety of finishes. If all that wasn’t enough, this company brought the residential ceiling fan out of the 1970’s! Can we get a round of applause?


#3 Resysta – Folks, I have looked at A LOT of siding and deck material in my lifetime and this hit the spot! Pure innovation – no wood just rice husk, rock salt and mineral oils. You’ll never have to worry about termites or rot again! It is a bit more expensive that the conventional material – but it comes pre-finished and maintenance should be minimal. So it’s worth the investment!



# 4 Sandwichbikes – I don’t even bike and I want one! When your girlfriend asks you to justify this purchase, tell her that it’s an investment piece – heck, it’s art on wheels! It speaks to the best in us with its responsibly harvested wood and sweet, sweet lines!

sandwich bike


#5 Paper Punk – This is for all of you out there raising “little beasties” that need to be entertained for hours on hours. Their flyers say “”good for the brain, super cool” – and I agree. It’s like the wood blocks we would play with as kids but better. They come is a variety of creatures and things but if you’re a purest like me you will probably get the UrbanFold. You can thank me later for getting the kiddos away from the TV!



#6 The Up Filer – Tired of having flat content just laying around your desk or floor but you refuse to buy those bulky hangers you find at the store that also sells meatballs (you know what I’m talking about). Up Lift gives you organization and style all in one, while making sure that files never go “missing” since regardless of the size all files remain visible.



# 7 Modern Urban Planters – Honestly, I would use these on every Make It Right project if I could. They are durable, affordable and – since they’re made out of metal – recyclable!



# 8 Eco-Made – I love this simple yet useful little idea. We’ve all been there: you’re trying to play a video or song on your iPhone / iPad but it’s not loud enough so you hold it up to your ear but still not loud enough. These guys have made a portable, recyclable, made-in-the-USA amplifier for you!



#9 Galanter & Jones Heated Furniture – Not sure why I like this as much as I do since I live in a state (Louisiana) that has only one season known as HOT. Maybe I caught the design bug? However, this should be very useful for those of you that live in states that have seasons.

heated furniture


#10 Hutte Hut Teardrop Caravan by Sprouting Sprocket Studio – This is the item I would buy if I was a wealthy bachelor that loved the great outdoors and wanted to rough it for a few days. While I do love the great outdoors, I work for a non-profit so getting one of these is going to take a while. Slick design, beautifully crafted piece of art!


And that’s my Top 10! Hope you’ve enjoyed it and found some design inspiration of your own.

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  1. Your communications director was right. You did a great job with the list. We are very proud to have our Haiku ceiling fan among your picks.

    • Thanks guys! Big Ass Fan we are really looking forward to Greenbuild and hopefully being able to work together beyond that!

  2. Great job Cesar! I actually just finished installing my “Up Filer” and it totally rocks. You can stop by my house and see it sometime. 🙂