Nerds Wanted!

Today at Greenbuild we officially launched Make It Right’s Laboratory. The Lab is a place for anyone interested in green building to ask questions, discuss ideas, share your projects and talk with experts in various fields. We’ve got some great discussions going on in the Lab today like thoughts on the changing definition of affordable housing, green tips for renters, the right type of air filters to use in high-velocity HVAC systems and the differences between low VOC and no VOC paint. If you’re a green building nerd, or just nerd curious, we want you in the Lab! Sign up (its easy!) and join the conversation.

The Lab is a part of the relaunch of Make It Right’s website. We love this new site and Mobiah, the team who built it. We would not have these amazing new tools on a great-looking new site if it wasn’t for their hard work and dedication. We can’t thank you enough, Luke Pilon, Brian Gerry and the entire Mobiah team!

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  1. I’d love to help out however I can. Although I’m not an engineer or an architect, I am a management major with work in accounting & finance. Personally, I have a lot of interest in impact investing, and looking at ways that best practices in business can apply towards the alleviation of poverty. And especially with everything that’s happened to communities in New York, anything I could learn would be greatly appreciated.

  2. SUNSET REALTY OF WNY, INC. is affiliated with SUNSET BUILDERS, INC. , 20+ years experience in the Buffalo Niagara/WNY market; Building, Remodeling, Renovation; Fully licensed, insured & bonded: If you have any projects in our area we could work on with you please contact me direct @ 716.316.1923 or – Thank you, TOM PECORA

  3. I attended the Leadership Luncheon at Greenbuild in SF where Tom received his award (congrats!) and was able to learn more about your organization. What you all are doing is very inspiring and it would be great to see this grow. Tom mentioned taking the model that you’re using in the Lower 9th and replicating it in other cities. I’m very interested in learning more about this in order to apply it in my region. I live just outside of Detroit, which I think would be a great area to pilot the model as it’s a city in great distress and is in many ways similar to the post-Katrina Lower 9th. Any information you could provide would be appreciated!

  4. In the advent of Katrina and now Sandy I wonder when Miami will be hit with another hurricane. I am interested in building a home that could survive.

  5. I am an artist and I am very interested in your new project that will include everybody and anybody with a good idea. Please include me.