10 things you can do to help the homeless at the holidays

Giving Tuesday is coming up on December 2! Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing great examples of people giving back to their communities around the United States.


Our first entry comes from Bob D. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Bob and his friends spend at least one night of every week in a local park passing out clothes and other items to homeless men, women and families – and getting to know them personally.

Here are Bob’s tips on how to help this holiday season:

  1. Share your cell phone. Give someone the opportunity to call their son or daughter at the holidays.
  2. Pass out a few pairs of new socks.
  3. Bring a clean blanket (doesn’t have to be new).
  4. Sit down and hear someone’s story. Even if they’re crazy. Especially if they’re crazy.
  5. Buy a few bus passes. It’s the closest thing you can do to giving someone on the streets a new car.
  6. Hug a stranger. It might be the only one they get for a while.
  7. Bring a football to throw around. Hardly anything breaks down walls like a football.
  8. Bring your dog. Everyone loves dogs.
  9. Smile and make tons of eye contact.
  10. Ask for prayer. It is an easy way to make someone feel valued and important. Sometimes its better to ask for prayer for yourself than the other way around.


Bob D. (center) and his friends giving back in Fort Lauderdale.


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