Denise’s story

During the day, Denise worked as a hotel housekeeper in South Carolina, earning $9.95 an hour. At night, she supplemented her income with a second job, cleaning the office of a brand-name technology company. That job, which paid $8 an hour with no benefits, nosed her household just over the official poverty line. On most nights, […]

Keto’s story

“Art is the only thing that lets me forget about my poverty situation. In the fourth grade I won an art award. My mom and her boyfriend stole my $10 check and bought beer. I was still happy because it was my first check I ever got. We were evicted a lot. No water, no […]

Kids’ Coloring Cards for the Holidays

Break out the crayons and colored pencils! Get your little ones into the spirit of giving this year with our kids’ coloring cards available with Make It Right’s Green Gifts. Each card comes with fun, educational facts about your gift, two pages to color and a page to add a special message to your child’s […]

Gingerbread House Construction

On Thursday, Make It Right participated in the annual Gingerbread House Competition that Build Now organizes. The proceeds of the event support efforts to bring families home. We were honored to participate this year and had a lot of fun joining other non-profit builders in New Orleans for such a good cause. Here are the […]

Join Us for Holiday Fun in New Orleans

If you’re in New Orleans, it’s time to grab your Santa hat and work gloves and join Make It Right’s holiday activities. First up, we’re having a volunteer day this Friday, November 30 from 1-4pm. Come help us landscape a playground and tidy up community spaces just in time for Christmas. Get details and sign […]

Nerds Wanted!

Today at Greenbuild we officially launched Make It Right’s Laboratory. The Lab is a place for anyone interested in green building to ask questions, discuss ideas, share your projects and talk with experts in various fields. We’ve got some great discussions going on in the Lab today like thoughts on the changing definition of affordable […]