A Message to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Make It Right is closely monitoring the effects of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected, especially those in areas hardest hit by the storm. While we are not first responders who care for the immediate needs of those impacted by natural disaster, Make It Right will offer support […]

Breaking Ground on Bancroft

This morning Make It Right joined Kansas City officials, community leaders and other supporters to break ground on the new Bancroft Project. Read the full press release below to learn about the community’s vision for the project and about the people, organizations and businesses that supported this outstanding new project. Make It Right would especially […]

Introducing Katherine!

We are extremely happy to announce that Katherine O’Bryon has joined us as an intern on the Construction Team! Katherine graduated from the University of Vermont in 2011 and has worked on various construction projects, including the Gesundheit! Institute in West Virginia, since then. Katherine is as helpful and professional as she is fun and energetic. Katherine […]

Intro to HERS Ratings

Zach Lamb of Green Coast Energy dropped by to explain the HERS Ratings system and how Make It Right homes measure up against homes built with traditional construction methods and materials. Zach explained that Make It Right homes’ low HERS Rating means that: “[Make It Right homes] are using roughly 80% less energy than a […]

Welcome (Shh!)

Welcome to Make It Right’s brand new website. We are transitioning from the old website to the new site, so please be patient with us as we polish everything up and work out the last few details. We’ll be making a big, loud, public announcement about the new site in a few weeks when everything […]

(Sustainable) Skateboarding Is Not A Crime

We’re so excited to announce that our first sustainable skate park is complete in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. This beautiful park for neighborhood children was the result of a partnership between Make It Right, Mt. Dew and Lil’ Wayne. Make It Right Solar installed the region’s first dual-axis solar tracker to power the skate […]

Pilot Streets Project

When it rains in our neighborhood in the Lower 9th Ward, streets can quickly flood in less than an hour when the rain is heavy. It’s dangerous to drive in, hard on the roads and erodes the ground, among other negative effects. Make It Right poured a section of pervious concrete road in our neighborhood […]

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