Course Map

Check out the course map for the Crescent City Classic. We’ll start in Champions Square at the Superdome, run through the CBD, into the French Quarter and up beautiful Esplanade Avenue and into City Park. At the finish line, head over to Make It Right’s tent for a private party for our runners. Have you […]

A message from Brad Pitt

To friends and supporters of Make It Right: In a few years, you helped us grow from a couple of volunteers in a trailer to a national organization building green, affordable homes for people in need around the country. Today I want you to meet a few families we were able to help because of your […]

Kids’ Coloring Cards for the Holidays

Break out the crayons and colored pencils! Get your little ones into the spirit of giving this year with our kids’ coloring cards available with Make It Right’s Green Gifts. Each card comes with fun, educational facts about your gift, two pages to color and a page to add a special message to your child’s […]

Messages to Fort Peck

On Giving Tuesday, people from around the country donated to help Native American families on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. We were so touched by the inspiring messages of hope for Fort Peck included with their gifts. To add your own message of support, please click here. You are not forgotten; help is on the […]

We can’t look away.

THIS IS AMERICA. Today on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana, 600 people are waiting for homes. Children are going to sleep every night in houses that you or I would consider unlivable – without running water or heat. 14 family members live together in a one bedroom home because housing is scarce and […]

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