Denise’s story

During the day, Denise worked as a hotel housekeeper in South Carolina, earning $9.95 an hour. At night, she supplemented her income with a second job, cleaning the office of a brand-name technology company. That job, which paid $8 an hour with no benefits, nosed her household just over the official poverty line. On most nights, […]

Keto’s story

“Art is the only thing that lets me forget about my poverty situation. In the fourth grade I won an art award. My mom and her boyfriend stole my $10 check and bought beer. I was still happy because it was my first check I ever got. We were evicted a lot. No water, no […]

Melissa’s story

Last year we asked for your support to build homes on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. November is Native American Heritage Month – and we’re so proud to be a part of a new chapter in Fort Peck. As you gather with your loved ones for Thanksgiving, please take a moment to meet one very special family. I […]

Meet Jeff Adrien

What’s better than playing power forward for the Pelicans? How about being as aggressive and passionate about the helping people in need as you are about scoring inside? Meet Jeff Adrien – or as we like to call him, “New Orleans’ Tallest Philanthropist.” At 6′-7″, Jeff is known for his relentless playing style, a trait that got him signed to […]

Lower 9th Ward Life

A lot of people are curious about daily life in the Lower 9th Ward today, ten years after Katrina. We compiled this photo album of our homeowners to give you a glimpse inside this vibrant community. We built our first home in the Lower 9th Ward three years after Hurricane Katrina, in response to the […]

Katrina 10: Ask Tanya

August 29, 2015 marks ten years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, killing 1,833 people and destroying 5,363 homes in the Lower 9th Ward alone. As eyes around the world turn to New Orleans to reflect on what was lost and discover the city’s remarkable progress, we will be out front sharing our story and […]

Help Save Solar in Louisiana

We need your help to save solar power in Louisiana. Please read our open letter to the Louisiana legislature and take action. The current assault on our state’s solar tax credit threatens to burden working families with high utility bills, kill hundreds of green jobs and undo years of Louisiana leadership in renewable energy production. […]

Cradle to Cradle 2015 Design Challenge

Our partners at the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute have announced their 2015 product design challenge. Read the details below and let us know if you submit a design! OVERVIEW Central to Cradle to Cradle® as a design framework is to eliminate the concept of waste — recognizing that all materials are valuable and […]