Craig Turner

Construction Director

Craig Turner oversees Make It Right’s construction staff and general contractors hired to build homes for Make It Right.

Craig’s thorough technical knowledge and commitment to the production of high quality work has assisted Make It Right in successfully building LEED Platinum homes and buildings and meeting all quality standards. He strongly believes in maintaining high service standards and providing efficient, safe and responsible project management.

At age 15, Craig left school to pursue a four-year apprenticeship program to become a Master Carpenter before completing nine years of subcontracting. Today Craig has over 16 years of residential and commercial management experience in the construction industry, supervising projects totaling over $240 million. Over the past ten years, he has worked predominantly on inner-city brown field sites. Craig has previously served as a Site Agent responsible for the supervision and organization of the workforce and all trades and as a Project Manager responsible for management of costs and enforcement of quality assurance procedures and project performance standards.