Make It Right's staff builds homes, helps families reach their financial goals, teaches others about affordable green building, manages our finances, provides legal counsel and administrative support. Read more about our full-time staff and volunteers below.


Tom Darden
Tom Darden Executive Director
Karen Griffiths
Karen Griffiths Admin Manager
Chris Moore
Chris Moore Director of Operations

Homeowner Services

Delia Woods King
Delia Woods King Senior Manager
Willie Murray
Willie Murray Community Relations


Craig Turner
Craig Turner Director
Katherine O'Bryon
Katherine O'Bryon Administrative Assistant
Jordan Pollard
Jordan Pollard Design Manager
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez Procurement Manager
Greg Turner
Gregory Turner Site Agent

Communications & Development

Taylor Royle
Taylor Royle Director
Kim Johnson Roberts
Kim Roberts Director


Pierre Moses
Pierre Moses Director
James Mazzuto
James Mazzuto Finance Manager



Darrah Caplan
Darrah Caplan Accounting Manager
Jane Mentz
Jane Faia Mentz Director
Carie Fischer
Carie Fischer Associate Counsel
Cole Gainer
Cole Gainer Analyst


Marian Cooper
Marian Cooper Director
Joyce Williams
Joyce Williams Office Manager
Scott Freeze, IT Manager