Make It Right is a non-profit organization dedicated to building healthy homes for communities in need. Learn more about our history, how we build and our projects in New Orleans, Kansas City, Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana and Newark.

How is Brad Pitt involved?

Brad Pitt is the founder of Make It Right, a donor and a board member. He is actively involved in our on-going work.

How many homes have you built in New Orleans?

To date, we have built 109 homes.

How much do the homes cost?

Our single-family homes in New Orleans cost $150,000 on average. Our Kansas City and Newark projects are affordable rental units.

Who can buy a Make It Right home?

In New Orleans, our homes are available to teachers, first responders (fire fighters, police officers and emergency medical technicians) and people who lived in the Lower 9th Ward before Hurricane Katrina or had a family member who lived in the neighborhood before the storm. If you’re interested in becoming a Make It Right homeowner in New Orleans, click here. Our projects in Kansas City and Newark offer affordable rental homes to disabled veterans, seniors, youth transitioning out of foster care and low-income families.

Who designed the homes?

Make It Right convened internationally-renowned architects to design our homes in New Orleans. Our architects include trailblazers such as Frank Gehry and David Adjaye. Some work right here in New Orleans and others are based in Japan, Ghana and Chile. In Kansas City, we are working with BNIM Architects, winners of the 2011 AIA Firm of the Year Award.

What are the green features in your houses?

Some of the green features in our homes include: solar panels, ENERGY STAR® appliances, no-VOC paints and flooring, and pervious concrete.

What is Cradle to Cradle?

Learn about the design principles that inspire our work here.

How do you work with local communities where you build?

Our architects and staff hold a series of meetings with neighborhood leaders and community members to design and build homes that meet their needs. In New Orleans and Kansas City, we met with members of both neighborhoods for a year before we began our work.

How are you funded?

Make It Right is able to build homes for communities in need because of the generous support we receive from individual donors, corporations and foundations.

How can I get involved? Can I take a tour or volunteer?

Thanks for asking! You can do many things to support our work: give, use the tool bar on the right to follow us on your favorite social media platforms and share our work with friends, join a discussion in our green building laboratory, take a tour or volunteer.

I’m a journalist. Who can answer my questions / set up an interview?

Please visit our media page for more information.

Are representatives from Make It Right available for speaking engagements?

Yes, we are. Click here to tell us more about your conference or event.

Can I volunteer to build a Make It Right house?

Make It Right is committed to hiring and training local workers in green building practices. Because of this commitment, we don’t use volunteers for daily construction work. We do sometimes ask for help with landscaping, gardening and light maintenance around our construction sites. If you would like to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities in New Orleans or Kansas City, please fill out our volunteer form.

Can I buy a Make It Right home design? 

The architects who donate their work to Make It Right design homes specifically for our projects. They are not available for sale at this time.